detox water concentratesd


  • Perfect for when you don’t have access to your daily greens
  • Chlorophyll helps to detoxify the body
  • Proprietary blend of 72 trace minerals to hydrate the body and help regulate digestion
  • TSA-friendly bottles—perfect for travel
  • Contains two 2-oz. glass bottles of Detox Water Concentrates (10 servings per bottle)
  • Drink daily for optimal digestion & total-body hydration


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The Science

DETOX WATER CONCENTRATES – Chlorophyll supports natural detoxification of the body and sends oxygen through your body to improve circulation and cellular rejuvenation.* 72 trace minerals help balance the body’s pH, re-mineralize and re-hydrate the body. Water is the real fountain of youth — but only if it’s filled with the right minerals to allow your body to truly absorb it. Drop drop, drink, glow!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

The Spirit

Chlorophyll is what makes the leaves on trees green. What do trees do? They purify our air and provide us with essential oxygen. As you drink your Sakara Detox Water, allow it to purify not just your body, but mind too.


  • CHLOROPHYLL: Binds to toxins and helps eliminate them from the body
  • MAGNESIUM: Helps combat stress, aid in digestion and toxin elimination
  • 72 TRACE MINERALS*: Proprietary blend of powerful ionic minerals and electrolytes that detoxify the body, balance pH, replenish hydration

*These trace minerals are naturally occurring and harvested from mineral-rich seabeds of the Great Salt Lake. In the past, we were able to absorb these minerals from our food; however, with over farming and soil quality depleting, our food does not contain the same amount of trace minerals as it used to. These minerals are essential to overall health and work synergistically to ensure proper absorption, activation, regulation and pH balance within the body. This blend is subject to rigorous testing and regulation by several different governing bodies and is recognized as safe to consume by the FDA.


Mix 5–6 full droppers (that means the whole dropper 5-6 times, not just drops) of concentrate with 8 fl. oz. of natural spring water. We suggest drinking Detox Water before bed with your probiotic, but you can enjoy the water whenever you need a boost of functional hydration. And especially if you’ve eaten a not-so-healthy meal, had alcohol, or a stressful day.

Each bottle contains 10 servings. Keep refrigerated and enjoy chilled. Best enjoyed 3 months after delivery.

Full Ingredients

Chlorophyllin Solution (Water, Glycerin, Chlorophyllin Copper Complex from white mulberry (Morus alba) leaf), Water, 72 Ionic Trace Minerals*, Organic Cultured Dextrose

detox water*72 Trace Minerals: Aluminum | antimony | Arsenic | Barium | Beryllium | Bismuth | Boron | Bromine | Cadmium | Calcium | Carbon | Cerium | Cesium | Chloride | Chromium | Cobalt | Copper | Dysprosium | Erbium | Europium | Fluoride | Gadolinium | Gallium | Germanium | Gold | Hafnium | Holmium | Indium | Iodine | Iridium | Iron | Lanthanum | Lead | Lithium | Lutetium | Magnesium | Manganese | Mercury | Molybdenum | Neodymium | Nickel | Niobium | Osmium | Palladium | Phosphorus | Platinum | Potassium | Praseodymium | Rhenium | Rhodium | Rubidium | Ruthenium | Samarium | Scandium | Selenium | Silicon | Silver | Sodium | Strontium | Sulfate | Tantalum | Tellurium | Terbium | Thallium | Thorium | Thulium | Tin | Titanium | Tungsten | Vanadium | Ytterbium | Yttrium | Zinc | Zirconium