Why We Choose Organic

Pick up two apples, both shiny, fragrant and donning fruit stickers. Their only distinct marker is atop said sticker, the PLU code denotes one beginning with a 4, the other a 9. Meaning — one is conventionally grown, the latter is organic. And right there, is the beginning of an exhaustive list of hidden differences that make your produce high-quality, life-giving, health-promoting, bioavailable— and merely a snack on the shelf.

To be sure, buying a basket of blueberries at your corner bodega will always serve you better than say, the brain chemically-altering allure of a Cheetos bag. But the truth cannot be ignored: we’re facing an onslaught of toxins every day from environmental pollution, stress that manifests into physical symptoms, water stripped of minerals, chemicals in our home products: candles, clothing, mattresses, makeup and nail polish; and in this industrialized age— our mass food supply is tainted too. In the body, these contaminants translate to endocrine disruptors, carcinogens and other potentially serious long-term health risks. Sakara seeks to craft meals using organic ingredients, and is a main focus of our nutrition philosophy— something that you can’t see when you plate your Sexiest Salad, but something you experience deeply, as you feel the effects of eating well over time. Here’s why:


Just as we need food for nourishment, food’s nourishment relies on the soil from which it’s planted. Nutrient-rich soil makes for antioxidant-rich, mineralized crops— food with healing power. Our dear friends at organic farm, Bhumi Farms in East Hampton said, “Soil is the main protagonist and needs to be the heart of every conversation. The perfect vegetable is one that nourishes, not one that looks great, and this can’t be accomplished without healthy, living, complex, energetic soil.” Conventional growers regularly use antibiotics + synthetic pesticides, like glyphosate and the neurotoxin chlorpyrifos, which are not benign to us. A study performed in Washington, featuring children ages 3-11, demonstrated the level changes of pesticides in their blood-work after mere days of switching from conventional to organic vegetables.  According to the Environmental Working Group, eating an organic diet can reduce your pesticide level by a staggering 90%.


This toxic load on our bodies from GMOs, antibiotics, depleted soil, etc. does no favors to our plates, our bodies, and the planet. By contrast, we can empower the farmers who bring intention, compassion, and health to the forefront of their agriculture practices. Shift the power away from the government-funded specialty crops (corn, soy, wheat) with the biggest tool at your disposal: $$$. And big business will follow suit once they see where the money trail is going— take Costco, for instance, who is now the largest seller of Organic food with no plans of slowing down.


Part of the magic of Sakara is we’re constantly working with locally-sourced, organic, innovative farmers who can speak to the power of food as medicine. They’re returning to ancient practices, and their passion lies in growing for the sake of quality over the biggest yield. Though these farmers + artisans are certainly superstars, they are not an anomaly; walk around your own local farmers market on a sunny Saturday and you’ll be sure to find some unique homegrown gems yourself. Talking with these people, who are often harboring a wealth of knowledge about clean food supply, can be an inspiring way to spend a weekend. Local, seasonal, organic— these are the keywords that keep chemicals, GMOs, pesticides and antibiotics off your plate.


The act of periodically opting out of inflammation-triggering, chemically-laden foods can have profound effects on your health. These microaggressions to our bodies add up over time, and programs like our Level II cleanse can detoxify from the overwhelm we experience in modern day 2018 life. In addition, stimulating the lymphatic system by using an infrared sauna, dry brushing, rebounding, and monitoring our elimination can all be extremely beneficial.



So, back to that apple— be proud when you choose whole, plant food as that is what our microbiome loves and we always strive to keep our gut happy. But there’s this whole universe of high-quality, organic nutrient-dense produce that we’re obsessed with and use to nourish + build our bodies everyday, and we invite you to taste the difference.

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